Zion Story

What Zion means to us -

*A safe haven for food driven people.

*Somewhere to restore and fortify your mind and belly.

*A place that you become the happiest person on earth.

Our Mantra-Whether it's served on fine china or on a paper plate food brings us together and stimulates conversation. We feast to wed, mourn, celebrate, strengthen friendships, and simply to be hospitable. Good eating is one of life's great pleasures

Our Building

Before we were here….

The Quin House 51 A-B-C Company Street; This beautiful building and courtyard has been home to many restaurants in the past 40 years; but the structure dates back to the mid/late 1700’s. There have been many illustrious owners and occupants including the family of Camille Pissaro. Purchased in 1891 by John T. Quin the publisher of the St. Croix Avis. The gallery where the bar and the kitchen are was Jeltrops bookstore for over 40 years and in 1989 the whole building went through a total historical renovation by then owner former Massachusetts senator Jack Fitzpatrick.

The combination of this historic building and the new life being brought to it is the harmony and essence of Zion Modern Kitchen.