Michael Ross

Michael’s revitalization of this restaurant was meant to be. His culinary passion was stirred under the tutelage of the former chef/owner Dave Kendrick and honed at Le Cordon Bleu in San Francisco; but his roots with restaurants and St. Croix are deep. His Grandparents ran The Family Tree restaurant on Church Street with Michael's dad and uncles and they later went on to open the famous good time bar Casa Loco Night Club and guesthouse on Queen Street as well as The Pentheny Garden restaurant. Michael is a generous chef with a big heart.

Shalyssa Parrilla

Better known as Shelly, this pastry perfectionist is the newest member of Zion's team. Shelly was born and raised on St. Croix and grew up in the kitchen. With an entire family that loves to cook, she was baking before she could reach the counter (even though she wouldn't eat anything other than grilled cheese for her entire childhood!). After graduating from high school, she went on to the Art Institute in Florida. Shortly there after, she realized how much flavor food could have, and that flavor became her passion. After some experience in high end Chicago kitchens, she came home to St. Croix. She is always high spirited, always smiling. Though often quiet, her personality shines through every thing she makes. She'll leave you wondering, "What  in the world did I do before Shelly?"

FOH - Team We Love You:

Inspired and inspiring, these are the people that make everyone say "Zion is Home."