Team Zion

BOH-Culinary Badasses:

Michael Ross

Michael’s revitalization of this restaurant was meant to be. His culinary passion was stirred under the tutelage of the former chef/owner Dave Kendrick and honed at Le Cordon Bleu in San Francisco; but his roots with restaurants and St. Croix are deep. His Grandparents ran The Family Tree restaurant on Church Street with Michael's dad and uncles and they later went on to open the famous good time bar Casa Loco Night Club and guesthouse on Queen Street as well as The Pentheny Garden restaurant. Michael is a generous chef with a big heart.

Ryan Mclain

Ryan Mclain began working in restaurants as a dishwasher in a cafe. Within the first year he had moved up to kitchen manager. We guess you could call him unstoppable after that. After being in the army and always dreaming of living in the Caribbean, he one day traded in his possessions for a one way ticket to St. Croix. After only three days on island, Ryan became part of the Zion team. What does he think about Zion? "What's not to love? Its the best food and the best family I could ask for." Ryan just became even more of a family man this year. We're happy to say he's the first Zion Dad as he and his beautiful lady Megan welcomed a perfect baby girl, Riley, into the world. She's the first Zion baby!"

FOH - Team We Love You:

Inspired and inspiring, these are the people that make everyone say "Zion is Home."

Mary Bailey Orr

Mary is passionate about music, making cheese, brewing beer with her husband Zak, their dog Bacon, and climbing mountains. Mary moved here while in high school, where soon after she started in the restaurant scene. She loves St. Croix, good food, and making people happy. She worked together with Zion's owner Mike Ross back at Kendrick's, and found herself as one of the first members of Zion's team. "Good fresh food, something from the garden, the perfect wine, or a cocktail crafted just for you, that's what it is all about. Add in the great company found in a community like this one, and you have everything important in life right in front of you." You'll find her behind the bar and on the floor (or sometimes in the garden), making sure you're happy!